Luminous, Soul, Orderly

Embracing the cornerstones of quality living; Cheah Saw Architecture has fabricated interiors that are warm, soulful and orderly. Raw wooden finishes are textural and rich, designed with integrity to adapt with the flow of life and family. An uncompromising approach to incorporating honest, robust materials allows for longevity and relaxed adaptation. Each luminous dwelling is designed to mould with multiple styles of living, balancing the contemporary and organic in harmony.




Toil, Tomorrow, Flow

From working-class origins to the tranquil enclave that it presents today, Fairfield balances urban with green; village life with city living. The suburb has forever favoured growth, adapting to different needs with each generation who have toiled to strengthen the community through harvest and industry.

Progress has come in waves, slowly cementing a pattern of shopping locally, cycling and meandering to the boathouse for riverside coffee. While our city adapts and evolves, Fairfield offers a bridge between inner- Melbourne’s curated, convenient lifestyle and the quintessentially Australian love of spaciousness and serenity.




Village, Earthly, Garden

Minutes from a locally adored, village-like shopping strip, No.71 Station St connects into Fairfield’s sense of communal familiarity. Local wine and food merchants provide access to fresh produce and seasonal knowledge. Single-storey shopfronts have often passed through the hands of parents to their children.

The rich multicultural heritage of the community brings an assortment of specialists and concentrated diversity. While this intimate market is self-serving, access to Northcote, Fitzroy, the CBD and Melbourne’s East furthers opportunity.




Span, Interlude, Parallel

At No.71 Station St, the balance between village life and city living offers a chance for pause and reflection in a contemporary setting. An adoration for slow food and slow living is coupled with access and convenience. Local coffee houses and food stores complement easy access to the world’s most livable, ever-changing city. This suburb lends the in-between. Encouraging equilibrium, Fairfield offers unapologetic intermission.




Order, Minimalness, Effect

Designed by luminary architectural practice Cheah Saw Architecture, No.71 Station St is a collection of stacked, individual dwellings. Carefully interwoven elements of concrete, stone and timber create a continuous connection between private and shared places, internal and external spaces for living. The design of the building pays respect to the commercial character of the locality—industrial and minimal with robust and honest materials. This palette creates homes that are contemporary, refined and substantial.




Equilibrium, Tea, Metropolis

Equilibrium, Tea, Metropolis Parkland sits like green lungs when Fairfield is viewed from above. These expansive stretches of urban forestry construct a bridge between creekside pathways and direct routes to the working hum of Melbourne city. A love for nature permeates through the town’s veins. Established neighbourhood gardens and walking tracks are riddled with wattle and native eucalypt. This pocket’s distance from the metropolis and close proximity to inner north precincts provides a sense of equilibrium for residents.